City Garage Door Offers You Las Vegas, NV Garage Doors and Information About Garage Door Construction

Steel Garage Door Construction

Most manufacturers build doors in three different ways. There have been some attempts to use some different methods, but to no success.

One Layer Construction

One layer construction is made of a single layer of steel between 27 gauge and 24 gauge for residential doors, 24 gauge being the strongest. This type of construction has no insulation and offers basic protection and security.

Two Layer Construction

Two layer construction is a combination of the one layer construction with added insulation in the core of the door. The insulation in this type is polystyrene with a thin layer of material, usually vinyl, to make more visually appealing and easier to clean. Some manufacturers do a much better job than others with this type. If the insulation is bonded to the steel skin, it adds structural integrity to the door. The insulation helps with soundproofing and energy efficiency, regardless of whether or not it is bonded to the steel.

Three Layer Construction

Three layer constructed doors have two layers of steel, one outside and one inside, with the center filled with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation and bonded to both steel skins. This method is the strongest and offers maximum protection and security, as well as superior energy efficiency. They are the quietest operating door and the most visually appealing.

Wood Garage Door Construction

Wood doors are built in many ways and with all types of wood or composite woods.

Wood garage doors in Las Vegas require a lot of maintenance and should only be used when you can’t get the authentic wood look you like with a steel door. When choosing wood type, consider the dry climate in Las Vegas.