Various Garage Doors Types in Las Vegas, NV

Garage Door Types

The two main types of overhead doors are the one piece door and the sectional door. In Las Vegas, the most common is the sectional door.

One Piece Doors

One piece doors are built as one solid unit like a wall and will tilt out and upward using some type of hardware and extension springs. They have few moving parts, so failures are not common, but they don’t seal very well and waste valuable space. They can be obstructed by a car being too close or by snow making it impossible to open until obstruction is moved.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are a combination of panels stacked and hinged that open upward and into the garage on a track system. They have many moving parts that require inspection and lubrication on a regular basis. Without regular maintenance, they are prone to failure. However, they look nicer, seal better, and allow you to take full advantage of the space you have available. If something is in front of the door, it can still be opened since it doesn’t tilt out but slides upward on a track. They are the most common garage doors in Las Vegas.