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  • Are You Looking For The Finest Garage Doors?

    We provide a range of superior and top-quality garage doors. We are proud of our vast selection because we know it is the best. We sell everything from steel to wood in garage door materials. Make sure you choose the garage door that is right for you.

  • Double Garage Doors: We Can Do Those!

    If you have more than one garage or more than one entrance to your garage, we can help with that! Our experienced staff is more than equipped to help with all garage door needs and services.

  • What Color Would You Like?

    We have many garage doors in a variety of colors. Don't just settle for the garage door everyone else is getting. Combine your personal tastes with great style with our varied colors and choices in garage doors.

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City Garage Door—Your Las Vegas, NV Garage Door Company

img-cusWelcome to City Garage Door, your supplier for all garage doors and accessories! We are an exceptional garage door company located in beautiful Las Vegas, and help the residents of the greater southern Nevada area. We sell and install most major types of garage doors, garage door openers, and various accessories that can enhance your garage door.

Our garage doors are made of various materials that will fit your preference and house makeup. Our main types are of steel and imitation wood. We also have a large selection of garage door openers.

We understand that it is so important to have an up-to-date and working garage door, so please look through our selection to see which garage door you prefer and like. We are proud of our wide selection, and we hope that we have what you need.

At City Garage Door, we believe that being loyal to one manufacturer hurts our customers. Most garage door companies try to sell one brand of door so they can keep their cost down and, as a result, they end up convincing their customers to settle for what they sell instead of what the customer wants. All manufacturers offer styles and warranties that are different from their competitors. We sell all major brands so that we can offer you exactly what you want. When you call us for a new door, we will ask you some questions and from your answers, we can determine what products best meet your values and expectations. We will guide you every step of the way unless you know what you want already, in which case we will get you exactly that.

If you only needs repairs or maintenance, we are happy to provide the best service in Las Vegas. We will evaluate the issues and condition of your door and operator, then promptly make the necessary repairs. We may make suggestions to you if we see something that may be a concern in the near future. We will guarantee you satisfaction.

Please call City Garage Door for all your garage door needs. If you have any specific questions about garage doors, openers, or accessories, we are more than happy to answer your questions or concerns.

City Garage Door is your number one choice for Las Vegas, NV garage doors.


angillistLook for us on Angie's List and other related business association sites. We aim to ensure complete customer satisfaction with all of our work, and we encourage you to check out the reviews both on this website and on other trusted review sites. Please contact us if you have any questions!